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To people-oriented, customer first, real, down to earth.

In the market competition for enterprise development and the suitable way of project development, with products and services to create value, promote the competitiveness of the company.

Innovation:the source of development

Innovation is the soul of enterprise, innovation is the only thing to keep the enterprise vitality, in innovation and research and development, keep their leading position.

Specifications:business management

Suntech specification management, the good faith management, follow method, to give back to society Mechanism to establish and perfect the corporate governance structure and business processes, uphold the professional spirit and sincere attitude, earnestly implement the social responsibility of a corporate citizen, win the market.

Excellence:the pursuit of the realm

Ambitious, clear goal, the pursuit of excellence, endless Superego is to keep the pursuit of the goal, but also the spiritual motivation of company to win competitive advantage.

Quality policy:

Meet and exceed customer needs and expectations, to provide the best value for customers is our life.

The customer is supreme, quality first; Continuous improvement, sustainable management.